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建大車隊5-hour Energy由10位美國背景的UCI成員組成,並由賽事傑出的西班牙級Francisco “Paco” Mancebo Pérez. Mancebo領導,他從2000年起,以擅長攀岩、環賽列為五名前十大環法完賽的強人,藉由此豐富的經驗為團隊注入生命。此外,他不僅於2009年獲得Larry H Miller Tour of Utah,也在2010年參賽名列第二名。在他帶領的前二年,贏得Men’s NRC頭銜(Mancebo)並在2012年以此作為隊伍的名稱。




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2 weeks, 9 crits

This post is a bit late. I know because my mom mentioned the lack of an update to me yesterday. At least one person is reading this stuff.So I finished Dairlyland. After the last post there were 4 more crits. I did 3 of them. Thursday was the crit in Sheboygan, flat and my legs felt terrible. Friday was back in Fond du Lac, lapped the field and ended up 5th. I got Saturday off and Sunday in Madison featured tired legs.Overall I had mild success at TOAD. But the team, Kenda/5, was awesome. We won 8 of 11 stages, the overall and a bunch of primes along the way. Not sure if I'd do it again on account of the whole crit thing, but it was fun to win.On the way home I stopped in Boulder for a day and then it was 4th of July Crit time. That was a mistake. I did virtually nothing and was pretty much bonking while hanging onto the back. So that's how I did 9 crits in 2 weeks. To compare I did 8 crits all of last year. And no, I'm not a crit monkey now.Recent news is that Kenda is…

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Cannot get enough of this.

What have I been up too since the prolific China blogging? Who cares. Watch this video.First of all, person proud of their fitness, you may go ahead and give that up right now for 1 of two reasons. You are not as fit as anyone on the 1989 Aerobic Gold Medal Team. Therefore, you should give up immediately out of shame. There is not a chance in this world your pride can even come close to even the least proud, most self conscious, dude who forgets a dance move in back at 43 seconds in.Right at about 17 seconds in I realized "wow, and I thought I was committed to something, I guess not." 17 seconds. That's all it took for me to realize my recent self loathing about my cycling career was misplaced, and I lack the commitment it takes to be even an Aerobic Champion in 1989 before the advent of the Vitamix or the paleo diet.I think it is also important to note that all of these people eat gluten, because this is before 2014, so take that fitness buffs.We can all learn so much from this video.We should all aspire to be the dude in the front of…

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